"That is Shadowfax. Does he not shine like silver and run as smoothly as a swift stream." Tolkien

Last Updated 11/03/2013


From that day on John and I kept a very small number of hounds and bred some litters. All our own dogs lived first as pets, second as show dogs. Each have had their own personality, all have been true Afghans with all that implies. My two sons, Guy and Carl, grew up with Afghans in the family and now we have a new generation getting to know each other. 

John was a historian by profession with an interest in military history. He did a huge amount of work on the history of the breed and the personalities associated with those early days. His writing has been published in both the UK and the USA. He never wanted to judge but was always ready to proclaim his fame as an ‘international’ steward. He was Shadowfax Afghan’s greatest support.

We bought our first Afghan, Ghanzi Sarasya, in 1967 for 7 guineas. She won half-a-crown at a Sanction Show and we were hooked.

I have judged Afghans and other hounds since 1976, awarding CCs in the UK, Green Stars in Ireland and CCs in Australia, Belgium, New Zealand, South Africa, Finland and Germany. In addition, I have always been busy for the breed, previously as Chairman of the North Eastern Afghan Club and KC Liaison Officer for the breed, and for many years committee member for the Afghan Hound Association.

Although we breed rarely at Shadowfax I have also been very lucky to have been trusted with just a few lovely hounds from other kennels, Bondor, Koolaba, Sashkan, Metewand and most recently Alaqadar.

I have enjoyed all the friends we have made through the years and I look forward to meeting many more as the world becomes ever smaller.

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