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Last Updated 11/03/2013


September 2007


Kazbek won his 7th BOB and his 3rd in 2007 ~ the course was very challenging as it was designed for the Saluki Festival the day before. Some very sharp turns sent dogs into bushes or the car park ! A great turnout for Afghans made the day a good one.

July 2007

THE FALCONRY FESTIVAL ~ www.falconryfestival.com

Doushman and Kazbek  representing the hunting Taigans of Khyrgistan in the parade of Falconry Nations.

~ with Taigan breeder and hunter Almaz and as dogs of Khyrgiz nomads resting by the yurt (traditional tent).

June 2007


Kazbek wins his class and BOB despite turning cartwheels when he finally caught the lure ! The Association now has a really strong entry of Afghans and a good day is had by all. Come and join in. Look at www.lurecoursing.org.uk

November 2006

At the end of another season Bailey's sons finished with the following achievements

Doushman ~ TOP AFGHAN UK LURE COURSER with a record 8 BOBs to date

Kazbek ~ 2nd place 2006 ; 4 BOBs to date

Nubi ~  5th place 2006 ; 2 BOBs to date

For full results and more news go to www.lurecoursing.org.uk

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