Ghanzi Saraysa


Sex: Bitch

Date of Birth: 26/02/1967

Colour: BMGold

Bred By: Mrs Anne Errington

Stud Book No: 1137BC

Owned By: Mrs Susan Rhodes

2 years old

Zorro of Pooghan

UK Ch Pasha of Carloway

UK Ch Yussef of Carloway

Zog of Carloway

Dana Khan of Carloway

Shiba of Carloway

Bletchingley Barzara of Carloway

Djibi Khan of Carloway

Gina of Anzani

Sinbad of Anzani

Shahbindi of Khorrassan

Bhagti Zadana of Televee

Bhopal of Khorrassan

UK Ch Saleh Bey of Khorrassan

Natara of Barakhel

Chandhara's al Sarakh

UK Ch Wazir of Desertaire (USA)

Am Can Ch Crown Crest Mr Universe

Int Neth Am Ch. Ophaal of Crown Crest (Netherlands)

Am Ch Hope

Am Ch Zar-Kari of Shamalan

Am Mex Can Ch Crown Crest Zardonx

Kara-Bash of Shamalan

Chandhara Chandigrah Ashbazareth

Chandhara Shadhili Simbul

UK Ch Pasha of Carloway

Chandhara Kibi Sharaya

Chandhara's Bilquis

Tygah of Carloway

Scheherazade of Televee

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