INT/IR/SLO Ch Shadowfax Ciao Aquilo JW SLM


Sex: Dog

Date of Birth: 15/06/03

Colour: Blue & brindle

Bred By: Susan Rhodes

Stud Book No: 3755CP

Owned By: Shavrrneva & breeder

4 CACIBs, 7 Green Stars, 3 Res Green Stars (Ireland)

1 CAC, 1 Res CACIB (Austria)

1 CACIB, 2 Res CACIBs, 4 CACs, 3 Res CACs, (Slovenia)

1 CACIB, 1 CAC, Group 1 (Croatia)

2 Res CACs, 2 Res CACIBs (Switzerland)

1 RCC (UK)

1 RCAC (Luxembourg)

Racing Grade Red

Supreme Lure Courser of Merit (Awarded) 2011

Top Lure Courser - Afghan Hounds - 2005

6 week

6 months

2 years

4 years

4 years

Int It F D Am Aust Ch. Xenos Joselito (Italy)

Am It Ch Gazon Say What You Mean (USA)

Am. Ch. Gazon's Cheatin' Heart

Am Ch Jorogz' Heart Breaker

Am Ch Gazon's Sound Of Snowflakes

Am. Ch. Persia's Snow Pixie of Gazon

Am Ch Persia's Sandrift

Am Ch Sahiba Sudden Silver

It Ch Miss Sissy del Settebello

Int It Ch Sanallah's Jerome (USA)

Int Am Fr Ger Ch Kefalari's Scenario

Am Ch Sanallah's Pretty Woman

Oui C'Est Moi del Settebello

Boxadan Quartermaster (Denmark)

Licorice Stick del Settebello

Metewand Omai of Shadowfax

IR Ch Metewand Dallas

Am Can Ch Trinity's Backdraft Paladin to Freecloud (USA)

Am Ch Elmo's Tutankhamun

Am Ch Isameh's Lilah of Paladin

Metewand Omeme

Metewand Nebraska

IR Ch Metewand Dashtikavar

Metewand Orapa

Metewand Nebraska

Hansteen Solar Eclipse at Metewand

Metewand Sambuca Black

Metewand Zvereva

Khanabad Master Mariner

Metewand Colorado

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