"That is Shadowfax. Does he not shine like silver and run as smoothly as a swift stream." Tolkien

Last Updated 11/03/2013


16 July 2006 Doushman went to Hyde Park in London and was selected for the TV Top Dog Competition. He attended for the filming on a very hot day and managed to provide great entertainment to everyone all day. Although not in the same league as some others watch out for him when the programme is shown on TV's Discovery Channel - Animal Planet - in November.

2006 has seen Doushman and Kazbek again leading busy media lives. They would like to thank all their friends in the media for their support and making the fun possible.

Kazbek and Doushman are currently working for Channel 4 / National Geographic on a programme tracing the history of the domestic dog.

TV viewers in the South West may have seen Doushman as part of a BBC programme trailer just prior to Crufts.

Kazbek's first film 'Stoned' was released late in 2005 in the UK and he was pleased to see none of his scenes had been cut ! We are waiting for the DVD.

During the months of September and October 2005, Doushman and Kazbek have been busy on and off the catwalk.

How many Afghans fit in a hatchback ??

'Which Car?' commissioned the boys to compare BMW and Saab Estates but no free samples unfortunately !

On the catwalk at Harrods ...

... this is an Annual event with proceeds going towards Guide Dogs for the Blind.

Doushman and his friends staged a preview on the TV show 'Richard and Judy' with the designers of the models' outfits. The event is always well supported and great fun for all concerned if a little nerve-racking for the organisers.

The January 2005 edition of "Dogs Today" features Afghans.

There is a lot of information including an article by Linda Race

about her life with Afghans. Doushman, Bailey, Kazbek and Plush (and Masha) were willing models to illustrate the magazine.

(Photos by Tim Rose, "Dogs Today")

Shadowfax dogs are experienced models and have done TV, advertising and photographic work.

Kazbek is making a debut on the big screen next spring - he is currently filming in Stephen Wooley's "The Wild And Wicked World Of Brian Jones" playing himself.

Doushman had a great day in Harrods on 27 October modelling the latest fashions. The charity event was staged with top models and a team of six dogs. Doushman behaved perfectly and walked the catwalk solo for the cameras.

We are pleased that Shadowfax Afghans again feature on the cover of the 2005 calendar of the Afghan Hound Club of Finland

Our cream trio (Doushman, Kir and Bailey) was featured on the cover of the 2004 calendar of the Afghan Hound Club of Finland.

Doushman has appeared on Channel 4 television and has modelled for professional photographers

           Here he is rehearsing for his latest job - a TV commercial


                                       These two Shadowfax Afghans are

                                       attending a wedding as bridesmaids

Please e-mail Doushman@shadowfaxafghans.com to enquire about

availability of our dogs for modelling work

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